Survey Terms & Condtions

Terms and Conditions:

These are the terms and conditions governing the relationship between Symeonides Coffee Cyprus Limited (“Costa Coffee”) and a user who has submitted a survey form via the  (and website (“User”). 

  1. In order to be eligible to win the draw, the User must be a resident in the Republic of Cyprus.
  2. A winning User who wins the draw will be informed (via email) that s/he has won.
  3. The winning User will have to attend and collect all of the vouchers personally. 
  4. The winning User will receive 10 gift vouchers each exchangeable with a Primo Coffee.
  5. The vouchers expire at the end of the month for which they have been issued. No vouchers can be exchanged after they have expired.
  6. The vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or for any other products except for a Primo Coffee. 
  7. Only one entry per User can be accepted for a specific draw.
  8. Costa Coffee can only process applications when it receives a fully completed survey: i.e. when all of the information requested in the survey has been completed.
  9. The draw takes place once the time for applications for the draw has expired and not before. 
  10. The draw takes place at the head offices of Costa Coffee in Cyprus where each User is assigned a number and the marketing team draws a random number with the help of software.. 
  11. Costa Coffee reserves the right not to accept a User’s entrance in the draw in case the User has breached any of the present terms and conditions or for any reason whatsoever without giving the User notice. 
  12. Be entering the draw the winning User agrees to take part in any associated publicity which includes publishing the full name of the User in social media.